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Snow Removal


The Woodville Township Road Department uses the following policy for snow removal on Township roads. It explains what you can do to be prepared for a winter storm event, and it will provide for the safest possible roadway system and access routes for pedestrians and emergency fire and medical vehicles.


  • If we have large amounts of snow, snowplows will make one pass through their route to open up the roads.  We will be making a second pass through the same route as time permits. We only have two snowplow drivers.


  • Please, stay at least 50 feet back from our snowplows.  If we have to back up, we cannot always see directly behind our trucks, which could cause an accident.  We also have salt spraying out from our spreaders and it might hit your vehicle.


  • During the winter months, the berm or shoulder of the road is often too soft to support the weight of a loaded salt truck. The drivers cannot move off of the road to let oncoming traffic pass on narrow roads. If you see a salt truck approaching on a narrow road, please be courteous and pull off into the nearest driveway and let the snow truck pass.


  • As snow is plowed from roadways, a line or row of snow can be created at the end of your driveway and it is the responsibility of the property owner to clear. Do not shovel, plow, or blow snow from your driveway onto or across township roads as this is unlawful and creates a hazard for other drivers. We apologize for pushing snow into your driveway; however, this is unavoidable.


  • There is always a potential for damage to mailboxes during snow removal. Damage will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Mailboxes that are damaged by actual physical contact with any Woodville Township equipment will be repaired at our expense, but only if the mailbox was properly located and installed. The mailbox owner is responsible for repair or replacement of the mailbox if the mailbox was damaged by the pressure of the plowed snow, and there was no physical contact with the plow equipment.


  • If you have yard damage due to the snowplows, please call us and we will place you on a list to fix your yard in the spring, or when weather permits.


  • The Road Department does not plow private driveways or private roads.


  • Please do not put trash cans into the roadway when snowplows are going to be plowing.