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Woodville Township
321 East Main Street
P.O. Box 121
Woodville, OH 43469

Phone: (419) 849-2492
Fax: (419) 849-2399

Meeting Information: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Fiscal Office located at the Fire Station

History of LS91


From 1976 to 1983, the Sandusky County EMS provided Woodville and Woodville Township with their first emergency medical service. The squad was known as EM16. The truck and the paramedics were housed in the old garage behind the Village of Woodville's town hall on Main Street. In October, 1983, the county discontinued EMS service in Woodville based on a loss of federal funds, and the squad was pulled from the Township. The EMS service that was responding to Woodville Township was now housed in Gibsonburg and response time was greatly reduced.

In February, 1984, a group of Woodville Township citizens formed the “EMS Advisory Board” to find a solution. In response to this action, a levy to provide funds for an EMS service in Woodville Township was placed on the ballot. In May, 1984, residents of Woodville and Woodville Township generously passed a 1.5 mill, 5 year levy by 91% and now full-time emergency service would be provided to their residents. The new advanced life support squad became known as Life Squad 91.

In April, 1984, the village and township contracted with St. Vincent’s Medical Center for ambulance service. In June, 1988, St. Vincents decided to no longer operate an ambulance service. From 1988 - 1995, Woodville contracted with St. Charles Hospital for their EMS service

On January 1, 1996, Woodville Township contracted with North Central EMS of Milan, Ohio, to employ six, permanent, rotating crew members who are licensed advanced life support (ALS) medical technicians. That contract is still in place today. They staff the squad 24-hours a day, 7 days a week from the Woodville Township Fire Station with an average response time of 3-5 minutes. Annually, they respond to over 300 calls including all 911 emergency calls and turnpike calls. The EMS is also on scene for every fire call the fire department receives.

The Township owns the squad and provides all of the ancillary equipment such as heart monitors, oxygen therapy, stretchers, and other related emergency equipment. The Township also maintains the squad (fuel, repairs, & insurance), provides housing for the EMS personnel, and pays the yearly contract amount with North Central.

In 2006, Sandusky County voters passed a levy for an additional 1/4% sales tax to help fund the Sandusky County EMS service, but Woodville Township does not share in this revenue because the additional tax only supports county-owned EMS equipment, and Woodville Township funds their own squad.

Since 1996, the Township EMS fund has relied heavily on financial support from the Sandusky County Commissioners. That support, which at times was $65,000 a year, was discontinued by the commissioners in 2014. A replacement levy was needed. The Village of Woodville and Woodville Township residents currently support the EMS service through a 4.0 mill levy placed on their property taxes.